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KRSNA MINERALS in India which is a producing mine with over 600 acres of mining claims which are currently mining manganese and Iron ore metals. KRSNA MINERALS currently has contracts with the Chinese government to supply manganese and Iron ore to China. The recoverable asset values are in excess of 700 million dollars for the total claims owned by KRSNA MINERALS

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R-Quest Hydroponics, Inc.  is a Hardware and Software Manufacturing Company with headquarters in Placerville, California.  R-Quest Hydroponics, Inc. has developed the new Environmental Master Controller EMC-5000 system, which is able to provide constant management for grow room facilities for indoor gardens. The EMC-5000 was developed so that growers can rest easy with the confidence that their crop is in excellent hands. The EMC-5000 is able to regulate and control all aspects of an indoor grow system, including Light cycles to optimize growth, Fans, Nutrient pumps, and CO2 level control. To see more information on the EMC-5000 go to www.r-questhydro.com



Optimum Mobile Imaging began in 2006 with a focus on delivering state-of-the-art mobile imaging technology to patients in Arizona. The company has grown its capabilities, with the intention of bringing the highest levels of quality and the latest available ultrasound imaging technology right to the door of existing offices and clinics. Patients receive services right in their local physician’s office or clinic. Services provided by OMI are generally covered by insurance. The company’s designation as an Independent Diagnostic Testing Facility (IDTF) permits reimbursement by Medicare and has allowed OMI to contract with private insurance providers nationwide. www.omiaz.com


logoPCI HeartScan utilizes state-of-the-art ultrasound  images and sophisticated quantitative analyses to   provide a highly sensitive assessment of cardiovascular functioning. The quantitative information allows for the detection of cardiac disease in the earliest stages and for the objective evaluation of the treatment of cardiovascular disease over time. The algorithms used by PCI HeartScan are based on the findings of twenty years of research and over 100,000 subjects to determine the risks of strokes and heart attacks. Their own database is comprised of over 45,000 studies, including 8,000 studies of the same subjects over time. Due to this extensive experience, PCI HeartScan has developed protocols and procedures to deliver accurate, reliable, reproducible results in a very cost-effective manner. For more information go to www.pciheartscan.com